S. Yolanda Robinson was inducted into the 2019 Greater Columbus Basketball Legends Association Hall of Fame for this year’s My Brother’s Keeper Award because of the work she does promoting their organization.


S. Yolanda Robinson is a multi-media personality.    Each week she host a popular radio show entitled All In Our Family that is aired on   She is an occasional social commentator and critic on Straight Talk Live that is aired on 95.5 and on Khari Free at Last and Bounce 23 News Report.     She has also interviewed on the Today Show and Black Issues in Higher Education where she commented on key issues addressing families.


Yolanda has worked as an administrator for a city wide tutoring program, an instructional reading coach for Columbus City Schools and the Family Wellness Manager for CMACAO Head Start.   The CMACAO Head Start program that she manager was the recipient of the John Glenn Best Practice award for its work with low income families.

he has worked as acting program manager of The Ohio State University Black Studies Community Extension Center and as national conference chair for the National Council for Black Studies.    In these positions she was instrumental in working with (Kwame Toure (aka Stokeley Carmichael; Harold Washington former mayor of Chicago, Illinois, Sam and Dave, the Stylistics, Ashford and Simpson, Dr. Francis Cress Wesling, Betty Shabazz (wife of Malcolm X) Sonia Sanchez, Dr. Leonard Jefferie, Dr. Molefe Asante and many more.   Under her leadership at the OSU Black Studies Community Extension Center, the center was recognized as a model program by the provost office at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1996.


S. Yolanda Robinson is the former president of The Cumberland Ridge Civic Association, Cardinal Chapter of Nine to Five, and the African American Triumph Consortium.   She is the First Vice President of 100 Black Women Columbus and the former First Vice President of the Ohio Black Political Assembly.


S. Yolanda Robinson is the recipient of many awards for her work with women and families.   Some of them are The Ohio State University Distinguished Affirmative Action Award, Women Coming Together Advocate of the Year, Avery International Award, 2015 Umoja Award, Columbus Ohio Kwanza Committee.


Her bio is profiled in  Black Women in America:   An Historical Encyclopedia edited by Darlene Clark Hines (1983) Who’s Who Among Black Americans (1988) An Encyclopedia of Path Breaking Women at The Ohio State University (2017).


In her own family she publishes a family newsletter, host family events and often has family prayer in her home.   Yolanda is an occasional peer reviewer for the National Corporation of Faith Base and Community Services.


S. Yolanda Robinson is the author of There Is Magic in the Blackberry Patch.  There Is Magic in the Blackberry Patch is a supplemental text for Columbus Public School.


She is the proud mother of Ministers Sherry and Chad Robinson and grandmother of Akeisheunte and Yazmina Robinson.